6 Hour Tour of St. Petersburg, Florida

Beaches, art, airplanes…oh my!! St. Petersburg just seems to have it all, from unique restaurants and gourmet markets to vinyl record shops and antique stores. There are so many things to see and so little time! Lets get started on this 6 hour tour of St. Petersburg, Florida…


8:00 a.m

The Hangar Restaurant











Photo: Trip Advisor

Airplanes, mimosas, and chicken & waffles– can an early morning get any better? There are so many great restaurant’s to start your morning off in this area, but no other restaurant has an airport runway as your view while you sip your mimosa. The Hangar Restaurant has a large menu filled with perfect breakfast and brunch foods. There’s no better way to start our 6 hour day tour of St. Petersburg, Florida!


10:00 a.m

The Dali Museum

The next stop on our tour can be found just a short walk away from the Hangar– The Dali Museum. This unique building holds the largest collection of Salvador Dali pieces in the world! After exploring the world of Dali, you can head down to Café Gala where they serve lattes and entrées from a Spanish inspired menu.


12:00 am

St. Petersburg Yacht Club- Downtown Marina

Right across the street from The Dali Museum is the St. Petersburg Marina. The marina is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. This is also a great spot to take some cute insta-worthy photos!


2:00 p.m

Beach Drive

Don’t forget to bring your wallet when heading to Beach Drive! Beach Drive is filled with tons of restaurants, dessert shops, and boutiques. In this weather, which is often 80° or higher, it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from getting a treat from one of the many ice cream shops! If you happen to have a major sweet tooth, like myself, I highly suggest going to Kilwins!!

Restaurant Suggestions-

The Birchwood/ The Canopy

The Moon Under Water

Bella Brava


4:00 p.m

The Sundial

If you ever find yourself in the St. Pete area you  must, emphasis on the MUST, go to the Locale Gourmet Market, which is located within the Sundial plaza. The Locale Market carries everything you can think of– sushi, açaí bowls, gourmet cupcakes, pizza, cheese, wine, etc. The options are endless! Aside from the Locale Market, this plaza also has a movie theater, boutique stores, and a Ruth’s Chris Stake House.


6:00 p.m

Downtown St. Petersburg Art District

Last but certainly not least, is St. Pete Downtown art district. This last stop is only about a 6 minute car ride from Beach Drive. Hidden is the streets of downtown are tons of murals created by local artist. If its your first time visiting the art district, it is incredibly easy to get lost while wandering the streets to find specific murals. Here is a great map that helps you find the exact location of the murals you want to see. This way you don’t get lost like I did on my first trip! This area has such an eclectic and artsy vibe, which is why I could spend hours just hanging out around here!


I hope you enjoyed taking this quick tour of St. Petersburg, Florida. There are so many more areas of St. Pete to visit, so if you ever want more suggestions feel free to reach out to me! Let me know what you think about this guide in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you all 🙂







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