Top 5 Things to do in Aruba

Blue seas and an island breeze, Aruba is the perfect place for an island getaway. Once you step off the plane you’ll automatically notice the cool trade wind breeze. The island of Aruba is known for its obvious slopping trees called divi-divi trees, which are a product of the constant trade winds. In order to experience the perfect island getaway here are the Top 5 Things To Do In Aruba!




Grab your Aruba Ariba drinks and head to the beach! A must for every island vacation should be to spend at least one day wasting away on the beach with a drink in hand. The Aruba Ariba is a signature drink on the island because it contains a splash of liquor called Coecoei, which can only be purchased on the island of Aruba. Enjoy the day with this drink in your hand and the sand between your toes.




Snorkeling is something I’ve always loved! I try to go out every time I travel somewhere with exceptional snorkeling areas. I’m planning on becoming certified in scuba diving at some point since I found that I truly enjoy being underwater with all the sea life. I guess that means you could call me mermaid in training! Aruba is filled with so many different snorkeling spots. Next time I visit Aruba I will definitely be going to many more spots. Some of the top rated snorkel spots include Arashi Beach, Boca Catalina, Catalina Cove, Tres Trapi, and Malmok. On my trip I visited De Palm Island and had the amazing opportunity to swim with the native giant Blue Parrot Fish. These fish look so happy as they smile at you when you snorkel by!




The island of Aruba is only about 20 miles long and 6 miles wide. On the second day of the trip I decided it would be a good idea to rent a car and just follow the road where ever it took me. Aruba has three prominent sides to it: tourist area, resident area, and the middle of no where. As you can see from the pictures Aruba is considered a desert island filled with aloe and cactus. Aruba’s California lighthouse can be found at the northwest tip of Aruba. Next to the light house is a beautiful restaurant, Faro Blanco, that over looks the hills of cactus and the crystal blue water. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset and end your island day tour.





During the ride exploring the entire island we came across Baby Beach, which sits right across the desert area. We spent about a couple hours seeing the area and eating at the local restaurant. After that we were onto the next beach.


The next beach we stopped at was Eagle Beach. We rented chairs for the day and enjoyed the island sun and clear water. Eagle beach offered multiple water activities like snorkeling and riding a wave runner. It’s a perfect place to just relax and enjoy life.


The Renaissance private island is home to the famous flamingo beach in Aruba. If you are a guest staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, then you just lucked out! You can travel back and forth to this private island as many times as you want for no cost. However if you’re staying in another resort, like myself, there is a charge of $100 per person to visit the beach. The island is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to capture your new profile pictures, but if your not into that then I suggest visiting the other beaches.



The Royal Plaza is hands down the cutest plaza I have ever seen! In the plaza there are a few stores you can look around in and after that grab a drink from Iguana Joe’s. Right across the street locals have their souvenir shops up. I happen to be that stereotypical tourist that always has to buy a mug and a keychain from every place I’ve visited!


Thank you for supporting my blog by reading my first official post. It means the world to me to have your support! Can’t wait to share more adventures with you in the future. 🙂





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    Awesome first post Caitlin! I hope to make it to Aruba one day, it looks amazing and your pics are gorg! x

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      Thank you so much! You really should it is such a beautiful place to be 🙂

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    Ok I need to go to Aruba!!! The flamingos, the water, the shops, it all looks amazing!

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      You would fall in LOVE!

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