Hi there, lovelies!

Its time to amp up your Netflix and Chill nights with my personal comfy & cozy gift guide picks! Whether you're binge watching Stranger Things or rewatching Friends these comfy & cozy picks are a necessity.

*Leave me a comment on what you are currently watching!*

As I'm sitting here on my couch writing this lovely gift guide I have my fuzzy Christmas socks on with Hallmark Christmas movies playing in the background. yay for hallmark movie marathons! P.S we can be best friends if you're into watching Christmas movies all day long! Some other must haves for cozy movie nights are cute PJs, a fluffy blanket and plump pillows.

At the beginning of this year I started seeing everyone use aromatherapy diffusers. Everyone claimed that the scents really calmed them after a stressful day... I thought they were full of it I mean how can smells instantly destress you?? Boy I've never been more wrong in my life these things are awesome!  Everyone should have one to calm them down after a stressful day. **Also having a glass or two of wine won't hurt either!

 Last Christmas my boyfriend bought me the best Christmas gift EVER!! What is this amazing gift you might ask?? A Crosley vinyl record player of course! For the longest time I had my eye on this beauty and even made a list of all the records I wanted to get when I finally saved enough money to buy it, which at the time was going to be awhile. You guys I was soooo over the moon with excitement when I unwrapped my limited edition mint Crosley record player from Urban Outfitters! Urban Outfitters always carries the cutest and trendiest record player, so check them out if you're in the market (click here)!

I really hope you loved this gift guide as much as I do! Happy shopping and happy holidays!!





  1. Jeni (@jeniclayy)
    December 7, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    I’ve been watching every cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix of course 🥂 Also I’ve been rewatching Nashville. Can’t get enough tv! @jeniclayy

    • admin
      December 7, 2017 / 6:18 pm

      I used to be such a Nashville fan but didn’t catch up on the last season… I’ll have to start watching again!

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