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Even though light rain had introduced itself that did not keep us away from visiting St. Pete Beach! Surprisingly it did keep just about everyone else from the beach. Even during the height of Spring Break season the beach was completely crowd free. The last thing we expected during this time was an empty beach, but I'm definitely not complaining!

The cloudy weather transformed the usually turquoise water into a powdery light blue, which looked so serene and beautiful. We brought out the camera to shoot for a little while and then decided to  drive to another part of St. Pete to grab some lunch.

Looking for lunch spot recommendations in the St. Pete area? Just leave me a message and I would be so happy to shoot some recommendations your way!

Spring Blooms

Spring has officially arrived! While walking down Central Ave we wandered into the Posies flower truck. I've wanted to stop by the Posies truck for the longest time now, so I was extremely happy when we serendipitously came across the truck. Little did I know they actually have a calendar listing exactly where the truck will be each day of the month...silly me! (Posies Calendar)

Peonies are my absolute favorite flowers in the world, but they are the hardest flower to come across. No grocery store carries them and unless I want to spend over $60 for a bouquet of peonies I won't ever have them sitting in my home. So when I saw a cute little bucket of peonies sitting on the Posies truck I was so shocked!

My boyfriend saw how excited I was and treated me to my own bouquet. Of course I picked a peony and paired it with a lavender stock-- the perfect pastel combination!


About Us

I realize that I have not properly introduced you to this fella right here! This is Cristian a.k.a my other half, my greatest support system and of course my human tripod. 

We are actually about to celebrate the big 3 years together in less than a month. During those 3 years we've made so many great memories and I'm so happy to create some more.

With that being said... plans still aren't made for our 3 year! We need your ideas!! I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride, but it can be a little unreliable with potential weather problems that could cancel take off on a certain day.

Feel free to send me some of your ideas.

Lets get creative!

Perfect Date Spots in the St. Pete, FL Area:


Thanks for reading today!




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  1. March 15, 2018 / 11:54 am

    Loveeeee! You two are so cute! Definitely do a hot air balloon ride! I’ve always wanted to do one and they look so dreamy.

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