Top 5 Trendy Coffee Shops in Tampa, FL



(n) the feeling one gets from running out of coffee.

‘Caitlin’s cup was empty- she was depresso.’

Have you ever experienced the symptoms of being Depresso? If you have you know its not a feeling you want to have! So how can you cure Depresso, you might ask? Well its actually pretty simple! All you have to do is visit these trendy coffee shops to get you feeling better than ever 🙂



Foundation Coffee Co.

Thanks to Tammy from @thenoteddiary for introducing me to this little gem! (make sure to give her a follow)Foundation Coffee Co. is the definition of ultimate coffee house vibes including everything from a cute and trendy outdoor patio to the tranquil indoor waterfall.

  • Location: Foundation Coffee Co.
  • Symptom: Do you find yourself feeling sleepy all day long?
  • Cure:
    • Cortado \kohr-tah-doh\: (n) an espresso topped with an approximately equal amount of steamed milk.



Intermezzo Coffee Shop

Wondering where to spend your next rainy day? Wonder no longer because Intermezzo is the place for you! Well what are you waiting for? Go grab your coffee and enjoy a lazy day in this cute and cozy coffee shop.

  • Location: Intermezzo Coffee
  • Symptom: Is everything and everyone getting on your last nerve?
  • Cure:
    • Cappuccino \kap-oo-chee-noh\: (n) a hot beverage consisting of espresso and foamed milk, often served with powdered cinnamon and topped with whipped cream.



Buddy Brew Coffee Hyde Park

Not only is Buddy Brew the best coffee to ever exist, but this coffee shop is located in the heart of Hyde Park– one of the trendiest places in all of Tampa! Put on your cutest outfit and bring your camera because you’ll need it for all the insta-worthy spots around Hyde Park ( including Buddy Brew!).

  • Location: Hyde Park Buddy Brew
  • Symptom: Having issues concentrating and staying on task?
  • Cure:
    • Macchiato \mak-yah-to\: (n) a hot beverage consisting of espresso and a small amount of foamed milk.


Oxford Exchange

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Looking for a spot that has a coffee bar, bookstore, shopping and the yummiest brunch all in one place? Oxford Exchange has all of this and sooo much more! Please visit, you’ll thank me later! 🙂

  • Location: Oxford Exchange
  • Symptom: Are you having trouble finding motivation or inspiration?
  • Cure:
    • Latte \lat-te\: (n) a type a coffee made with espresso and hot steamed milk, milkier than a cappuccino.



The Attic Café

Coffee AND a view! Say no more, I’m on my way!! What can be better then drinking coffee on a beautiful day over the downtown skyline? Not much, if you ask me. Go on, get out of here and enjoy the view!

  • Location: The Attic Café
  • Symptom: Feeling sick and need a little pick me up?
  • Cure:
    • Kombucha \kawm-boo-chah\: (n) the fermented beverage, made by adding kombucha to sweetened tea.



Thanks again for reading, loves! If you’re from the Tampa area and want any more recommendations don’t be shy, ask away 🙂

See you soon xoxo,




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